The Blurb

So, how does one come up with the ideas of an escape room? What is involved in setting it up and how does it all work? Hi, my name is Sean Wilson. I own and operate Padlockd Escape Rooms. I was born in Ipswich, grew up on the Sunshine Coast, Studied (Technical Production) at QUT in Brisbane and I am now living and running my own business on the Gold Coast.

It all started when a few friends invited me to an escape room. My first reaction, what is an escape room? The short answer, you get locked in a room and have to find clues to try and get out before the time runs out. I was sold. I went along and it was surprisingly fun. The themed room, the hidden clues, the unveiling of secrets. Its all just one big OOO and WOW moment. Before we knew it the time has hit 0:00. One of the employees came in and explained how close we were to escaping (about 80% in my opinion). After it all making sense, we exited the room and entered back into reality.

Six months later and multiple escape rooms later (I must confess I had an addiction). I started thinking about the rooms and started to come up with my own ideas and making the rooms more immersive, including sound effects and adding in mood lighting. The ideas were big, but then I had to scale them back down to something achievable in a themed room. Then it was the business side. I had run a few of my own businesses before (Photo Booth, IT Services) but nothing like this. After getting some people along side me to coach me through, we successfully Launched Padlockd Escape Rooms in March 2018.

Since then we have grown, evolved and created. Myself and my staff have now built 22 Escape Rooms in the last 3 years, with more currently in the works. We have grown from a staff of 3, to a staff of 26 Gold Coast locals. We have a passion for creating a captivating and entertaining way for Gold Coast locals and visitors to escape reality and test their minds. 

We are locally owned and run so we are continuously looking out for ways to become more involved with our local community, from running seasonal events to giving out sponsorships.

Myself and my staff welcome you to Padlock’d to come and escape reality with us.


Creator & Managing Director


01BOOK 01

Book a time online. Arrive 10-minutes before your scheduled time, Our foyer is full of mini puzzles for you to get your brain working on.
You will then be apart of a brief for your team about your mission. We do not allow phones in our Game Zones. We have locked lockers for your belongings while you are completing your mission.
Get Ready.


You walk into the Game Zone. It’s Dark, where do you start? Find some clues that will help your team stay alive.

03SOLVE 03

You are now left in a room with your team, it’s up to your teams brains to get you out of here.
Find clues, solve puzzles and escape the madness in 60-minutes.


The clock hits 00:00. Did you make it out alive? If you failed our friendly staff will unlock the final door and explain how you could of stayed alive.